To our Netsports Team and Friends,

It has been brought to our attention that there are some concerns about the rezoning we are undergoing with the property that Netsports is located and the adjacent land around it. As owners of this property, let us assure you we have no intention of closing Netsports. We are proud of our association with Damon Nahas, Netsports and Next Level Academy as well as his staff and the great work they are doing in the community.

As everyone is aware, this area is undergoing a transformation with the Wegmen’s being built across the street. Several years ago, the Town of Cary implemented a program called “Imagine Cary”. This program examined all of the remaining areas of land available and the Town, through feedback from the public, reclassified several areas they thought would be the best use of the remaining land available in Cary. During this process, the Imagine Cary Plan reclassified this property to Mixed Use Commercial, which is defined as a place to work, live and entertain. They felt that this property would complement the development across the street since it is the same type of classification. To accomplish this, we have to have this property rezoned to that classification. That is the process we are undergoing.

It is our goal to rezone the Netsports property and the adjacent land as per the Town of Cary’s recommendation to allow us to potentially build something that we feel would complement the Netsports facility and make this facility even better than it already is. We built this building close to 20 years ago when Davis Drive was a 2-lane country road. It has changed into a major thoroughfare and the land around us has changed substantially also. We are in the process of changing also. If we did not have change, a lot of the houses and subdivisions around Netsports would not be here today.

Thank you for your understanding during this process


Steve Knier                   Marty Thompson