What will the tryouts for the Academy Program be like?

The players will be given a number to be pinned to the front of their shirt and be placed in small groups (no special groupings). The small groups will have a drill demonstrated for them and then the players will be asked to perform the drill. The NLA coaches will evaluate how the player performs the drill. There will be several drills for each player to be evaluated on.

Players should wear the following items to tryouts:
a white shirt with no team or club affiliation on it
black short
black socks
shin guards
indoor soccer/turf shoes

Players should bring the following items with them to tryouts:
a soccer ball labeled with their name
a sports drink or water bottle labeled with their name

How will I know if my player makes the Next Level Academy Program?

The players who have been selected for the Academy will receive an email within one week of the tryout.

What if my player does not make the Next Level Academy Program?

Players that are not selected for our Academy program are encouraged to participate in our Development Centers program. This will help them work on the skills that they need to work on in an environment that we feel is more appropriate for them.

What happens if my player does make the Next Level Academy Program?

After receiving an email from Next Level Academy, you are asked to accept your child's position by clicking on the "Academy Acceptance" link and filling out the form.

What happens after I have accepted my player’s position in the Next Level Academy Program?

You will be receiving an email within the next week to register your child for the program. The registration fee is $175.

How will I get information about the Next Level Academy Program?

You will receive emails from the NLA staff regarding upcoming events, news, and opportunities to get involved with Next Level. We also continually update the Next Level website including reminders and a daily calendar of events.

Please make sure that the email address you provided NLA when registering your child for tryouts is one that you check on a daily basis as email is our main form of communication with our families.

How do I pay monthly fees for the Next Level Academy Program if I choose to pay monthly?

Starting this year, all accounts will be on auto pay and will be debited on the 5th of each month. We will provide information soon regarding how to set up your account.

If my player is not able to attend a training session do I have to pay for that session?

Yes, the monthly training fee is due in full. If there is an extenuating circumstance, this should be discussed with the Next Level Management Staff.

If my player participates in the Next Level Development Centers is it possible they may be asked to join the Next Level Academy?

Yes, if the Next Level Staff determines that a player should join the Next Level Academy Program then the player will be contacted and offered a position on the Next Level Academy. There are no formal evaluations conducted following a Next Level Development Centers session.

Does my child have to tryout for the Development Centers or Functionals Programs?

No, players do not have to tryout for either of those programs. All you need to do is complete the online registration via our web site.