Finishing / Goalkeeping

- Ball Striking - learn the proper fundamentals and technique of becoming proficient and confident using all parts of both feet.
- Expand your Imagination and creativity around the goal
- Acquire the tools needed to be dangerous in the final 3rd
- Recognize when to be selfish/unselfish around the goal

Passing / Receiving

- Learn the proper technique of playing different types of passes – lofted, driven, bent and different spins etc.
- Develop the knowledge to recognize when to use what type of pass
- Acquire the art of a good 1st touch – develop the ability and understanding to be able to control the ball where needed using all parts of the body (feet, thighs, chest, head)
- Ball Striking – develop the proper technique playing the ball with all parts of the foot (inside/outside, sole, heel) as well as chest and head.

Dribbling / Coerver

- Learn and polish overall ball control using all parts of both feet
- Become skilled at deception, body language and how to sell your fake
- Improve your overall ball skills, shielding, juggling, change of direction etc.
- Build your confidence and comfort on the ball

Transition Play / Defending

- Gain knowledge in the proper fundamentals of the counter attack
- Recognize the correct time to execute
- Be fundamentally trained on one on one and tactical defending
- Learn tactical defending – Man marking, zone defending and match-up zone
- Learn the flat back and sweeper formations

Combination Play

- Learn the art in bringing the ball out of the back
- Proper positioning and situations to make good defensive attacking runs
- Be taught combination standards – 1-2’s, lay-offs, dummies, patterns, 1-3’s