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NLA Functional Training

The NLA Functionals program offers players the opportunity to fine-tune their techniques, tactics and overall knowledge of the game in a team environment. Each Functionals session focuses on a specialized training area which Next Level Academy believes is necessary to master in order for a player to maximize his or her potential.

All sessions will be held indoors at the Netsports facility in Morrisville.

In order to provide a more family and team environment we will ask you to look ahead at your calendar for the next year. We’ve come up with a year round schedule that will provide a consistent opportunity for our students to maximize their overall skill level.

Each Functional focus area will consist of 8 sessions lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes each. All players will enroll via the website (www.nextlevelacademy.com) online registration. At this time NLA Functionals is offered only for U11 to U15 boys and girls.

Some of the topics that will be touched on each session include: finishing, goalkeeping, passing, receiving, dribbling, Coerver (fast footwork), and combination/transitional play/defending.

You may choose to participate in all 3 session or you may choose 1 session at a time. Each session you register your player for, you will have to provide payment within 2 weeks of registering or loose your spot for that session. If you register for the entire year (all 3 sessions) you will be required to pay 50% upfront and then the remaining balance by the beginning of the third session.

After looking at the needs of the players, we have devised a new system that will be both manageable and extremely beneficial, which will compliment your player’s club and/or school team experience.

For more information on the NLA Functional structure, click here.

For information on dates, cost, and on-line registration click here.

Our waiver form has changed so all players registering for a Functionals session will need to complete a new waiver form for the program year. Once a new waiver form has been completed, it's good through Spring.

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